Even though I booked overnight care at the very last minute (I organised a sleepover for the children, but forgot the poor dog!), Natalie couldn’t have been kinder or more accommodating to fit Djinn in. As ever Natalie went the extra mile with picking Djinn up and dropping her home the day after. Five star service!

Happy Monday! Love from Amy & Bear 😍🐻


The staff have been so welcoming and Bear has made many friends. He needed socialization and recall skills and they are working with him on this and in a short time frame he has definitely improved.

Say hello to Gizmo, one of our newbie Pu

Izzy & Gizmo

What can you say.....Natalie is amazing and the facilities are great. All the dogs appear happy and relaxed but are also worked in a sympathetic, understanding way with bags of encouragement and positive rewards. 
I would highly recommend and would leave my dog there without any worries at all.


Zuri & Kito

Zuri and Kito have been going to K9 for more than a year now and they absolutely love it! It's all smiles round and lolling tongues for our two furry hooligans who very clearly love the interaction with their handlers and the other dogs. They come back after each daycare session exhausted, hungry and happy - needless to say, the "parents" really appreciate that!

Apart from the various walks, agility, obedience and other training, they have the opportunity to socialize with a variety of other breeds of all shapes and sizes and have formed close relationships with some of their doggy friends - one big happy family so to speak!

Natalie also recently did some "babysitting" (house-sitting) for us whilst we were away on holiday. The hounds couldn't be any happier! Spending all their time with Natalie and the pack was a big treat for them and, above all, they could stay in the comfort and security of their own home - something which we consider a huge benefit for our furry children.

A huge thanks to Natalie and her team for all the time, effort and care you put into looking after Zuri and Kito! Happy dogs = happy parents!

Reserved For Terri & Lili 🐶🖤🐶

Terri & Lili

To Natalie and all your wonderful team of girls at K9 Development Centre, I am writing to say a ginormously jumbo thank you for taking such tremendous care of my two special girls. I have never ever had the confidence to send my girls away on a holiday before, until I met Natalie and my girls began to enjoy regular play days at her super play centre.

Recently my two girls had the bestest time ever, yes on holiday with Natalie and her amazing team of girls. Leaving them for the first time wasn't easy I am not afraid to admit, but my heart was filled with confidence and my mind filled with peace knowing the quality of care, attention, knowledge and love they would receive was bountiful.

We feel blessed to have discovered K9 Development Centre. My girls have the happiest time there and happy girls makes a very happy me! A huge wholehearted thank you K9 Development Centre.

How sassy, handsome and utterly awesome


Natalie and the other girlies that work at K9 Development Centre are incredible!! Such lovely people and always soo helpful!! My dog Ronnie seems to have the best time, I love the fact photos are uploaded of the day he has had!! He is always nice and tired when he gets home so clearly has a nice active day!


We have a new & very squishy newbie, Ste


K9 was recommended to us by a friend and it’s been the most wonderful place for our bulldog Stella to go too. After being attacked by another dog she had become very nervous and defensive around other dogs as a response.

K9DC have worked wonders in a short time with Stella and continue to help her grow and develop. She loves going and sleeps for days after even a half day of fun and games, and we love seeing the real time updates, photos and videos on social media too.

Couldn’t recommend K9DC enough.

The very clever Wilson 💙


Just collected my dog from his first day with Natalie and team. He's a very happy boy! Tired but in a good "I've had a great day" tired.

I had no worries or concerns about the care he would receive and he'll definitely be having another play day soon!

There is nothing cuter than a puppy! K9D


K9DC are amazing. Not only are they loving and caring towards the dogs but the level of expertise is second to none.

A professional, reliable team who we'd recommend to anyone from simple dog walking to righting a downright naughty pooch!! We did the 4 week puppy course with our Ridgeback and are now constantly being told how calm and obedient she is. Highly recommend.

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Love from, Yogi 🖤😍🐪


Absolutely love K9. They are so caring and my dog loves going. She comes back tired and relaxed. They are really obliging with special requests and the staff are amazing. Love the training aspect too and the personalised approach. Absolutely amazing place with extremely professional staff.



Cobie had his first day yesterday and came back shattered! Very pleased with his relaxed behaviour last night!

IMG_8396 2_edited.jpg

Fozzie & Scout

Our dogs have the best time at K9DC.

They not only get to socialize with their chums, but they also get some amazing training along the way - they have much improved on the behavioural front thanks to the patient and skilled work the folk at K9DC do with them.

Our adorable newbie, Tilly, had a brilli


K9DC is a big treat for owners and dogs ! Loads of love kindness and cuddles ! I can’t recommend highly enough.

Bella had the BEST birthday 🎂🎉💖


K9 is Pawfect for Penny who, being gentle and very sociable, adores the company of other dogs and loves Natalie to bits!

 Recommended by a friend, we've been coming here for nearly 2 years following our first day and cuddles with Kimba. It's comforting to know your pup is being well cared for, safe and happy, and looks forward to each and every visit.

Natalie and all the K9DC crew are well-organised, professional and take time to get to know all of our pooches.



We first met Natalie in September 2017 for support in socialising our dog Steffi. Due to a hip replacement and rehabilitation while she was still a puppy, Steffi missed out on important socialisation with other dogs during her recovery period. She could be over excitable with other dogs, especially with small dogs and in outdoor spaces.

We had lost confidence in her meeting other dogs. We looked for professional support from a number of places, none of whom could help. Meeting Natalie with Kimba and another K9DC dog, Natalie gave us the confidence that she could help us with Steffi. 

Natalie recommended doggy daycare for Steffi so she could spend time with dogs of all sizes. We live over 20 miles from K9DC but with 2-4 visits a month, we’ve seen a transformation with Steffi. She’s great meeting all dogs and LOVES her visits. I’ve also seen the transformation of other dogs who’ve benefited from the care and socialisation provided by the K9DC. 

Thank you for helping restore our confidence and helping Steffi realise her full potential!



So before we begin we need to say that we were HUGELY sceptical about sending our 5 month old beautiful beagle baby (!) for even one minute to someone we don't really know and we've only met once! However please take it from us that if there's anyone out there who you can trust with your dog, it's K9DC.

I work from home and we have used K9DC time and time again, not only for when we just can't take Ralphy with us when we travel, or for emergencies, but also just so I can get some work done at home (our boy makes it incredibly difficult!) - K9DC are CONSTANTLY trying to help by asking us Ralphy's needs and our concerns with how he is progressing and they are always offering advice and even TRAINING! They have helped loads with his behaviour and Ralphy absolutely LOVES going to day care - he returns home every time and lapses into a coma on the sofa!

Ah, the peace and quiet! THANK YOU!



I have visited the K9 Development Centre on multiple occasions now to provide dog first aid training and each time I am extremely impressed with how the centre is run. The dogs always seem happy, and it is great to see the work and stimulation that is provided for the dogs throughout the day. 
A really forward thinking daycare with the best intentions of the dogs always put first.

If there was an award for Best Puppy Dog


After only 2 sessions it's amazing the changes we've noticed. Clover was so easily distracted and now she's like a different pup! She LOVES her sessions and all the friends she makes, and we love K9DC!

Thank you so much for everything, we couldn't be happier and couldn't recommend a better trainer/service/caring environment to leave you pup.


Max & Brodie

Another fantastic morning at K9DC making new friends :) 

Really great set up, lovely rural location and loads of space to charge around. K9DC obviously love all their furry pupils, they take a lot of care making sure everyone's happy as well as keeping them on their toes with training. Brodie and Max are now flat on their backs snoring away, the best advert for a happy pair of dogs.



All I can say is a huge thank you to K9DC! After Tilly's first week with you I have seen such a difference in her.

This morning I was able to go for my first walk with Tilly without her pulling my arm off! She walked nicely by my side and I could hold the lead with just a finger! I can't thank you enough and so glad we found such a fantastic company to look after our dog!

Instagram - Belly rubs for Delilah! #dog


Not all dog trainers are created equal...K9DC are brilliant. They take a psychological approach to training your dog and in our experience get the results other trainers have failed to get. And quickly. In addition to 1:1 training their day care is great as your dog gets trained while they are there which is a massive bonus. Can't recommend them highly enough.



I honestly cannot recommend K9 Development Centre more highly (I would give them more than 5 stars if I could!) They have been truly transformational with our challenging Spaniel. Their approach is great and their continued encouragement and support is really useful, too - it helps keep the momentum going and keeps us, as owners, on track with what we need to do. We are looking forward to our continuing relationship with the K9 Development Centre as we plan to do agility with our dogs as well as canicross. Big thanks to the K9 Development Centre and for all your help and encouragement.

Happy Tongues out Tuesday from these two


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Stan adores Natalie and her team and has such fun at K9DC. Not only is it great socialisation but time spent there also reinforces good manners. The team are dedicated, caring, loving and focused. We are lucky to have this service on our doorstep.



Fantastic care, I love updates with photos and videos to see how much fun my dog has during her time with K9DC. Highly recommended.



Absolutely fabulous centre, not only for doggie day care services, but for training too. Walter, our puppy, loves going to see all his friends and Natalie is always there for well informed advice!



We rescued Jack when he was 8months old. He had not been socialised and was scared of strangers and head shy. We worked hard with Jack, attended training classes and worked on his socialising.

Whilst fantastic progress had been made, Jack was still anxious and fearful of new people. As he got older he started to growl if a stranger tried to touch him which developed into barking and jumping at the person.

We met various behaviourist's but they could not help. In just over a month and only visiting one day a week, Jack is becoming a more confident, happy and less anxious dog.

He is no longer the shy outsider and he is learning that strangers and visitors do not need to be scared away. He is also joining in with the fun and games and spending time with the dogs rather than standing on the sideline.

Well done and thank you K9DC for helping our Jack have a much better life. Can't wait to see the future improvement as he spends more time with you.

How beautiful is our newbie, Ria_! 😍🖤


Nat and her lovely team have been honestly amazing with our cheeky siberian husky. They get to know each dog individually and offer us advice and constant support to help us continue Ria's training when she is at home. All of the girlies are knowledgeable about all breeds and so happy to help whenever we need it. We have noticed a huge difference in Ria in the short time she has been with K9DC. We would recommend to anyone.

A big happy Tongues out Tuesday from lit


Our dog has just started daycare here and he absolutely loves it!!

It is a fantastic set up and we feel so relaxed knowing our dog is being well cared for whilst we are not at home. Natalie and her team are fantastic at what they do and they are so accommodating!

Monti would definitely rate it 10 stars if he could! 



We went along to Fun Agility sessions with our rescue girl Gemma who needed socialisation help.

After only 3 sessions there, she had learned how to greet other dogs correctly and even how to tell them off without being too aggressive. Everyone was really helpful and understanding. Gemma is now really polite when greeting dogs off-lead.

Natalie is always eager to help. We're going to try a pack walk next to see how Gemma gets on.

Say hello to our handsome newbie, Harvey


This place is extraordinary. The level of care the dogs get is wonderful. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Oh to be a dog so that I could go there.



K9DC provided us with the expert training we initially needed with our latest rescue dog who had no idea how to behave on (pulled like a steam train!) or off the lead (zoomed off into the sunset on his own). With their expertise, we worked on lead training and loads of recall work and I am pleased to say that after just 3 months of hard work he now walks beautifully in both situations and is very relaxed. Couldn't have done it without their professional help and support. Thank you!


Cantona & Evita

Cantona and Evita started sessions with Natalie in February. They now both respond to particular signals and can mix with other dogs and be called away successfully. We highly recommend K9DC and their methods.


Paddy & Seamus

What an amazing find so happy to have found K9DC who made my puppies & I feel so welcome happy & safe.

Play & development all in one session. This will be our regular spot to grow and be happy.