About K9DC

At K9DC, we have had a passion for dogs our whole lives. Being a part of K9DC has helped us all develop our experience, knowledge, understanding and love for these wonderful four legged creatures. Each dog we meet has their own individual character and specific needs - they teach us something new on a daily basis. 


We've created a dogs idea of heaven. It's a Day Care, exercise, socialisation and training facility all rolled into one. 


K9DC is dedicated to offering exceptional care for dogs and is currently operating in Shamley Green, near Cranleigh, Surrey. Our facilities provide a healthy, safe and natural environment for dogs to socialise, play and learn in; constantly supervised by our trained and loving team.


With multiple spacious areas, we are able to separate dogs by sizes, play styles and temperaments. Continuous updates (photographs & videos) allow owners to view their companion during the day. Get peace of mind knowing you are leaving your dog in the best care possible. 


Our aim is to educate and ensure as many dog owners as possible create the relationship between their dogs needed to fulfil both their dogs’ and their own lives. We care for, love and help dogs as if they were our own and are enjoying every second of K9DC's journey - to read how it all began, see Natalie's 'About' section below.


We want to share with the rest of the world the unbreakable bond that we have built with our own companions, making sure that you and your dog are positively transformed for life.


Owner & Founder - Head Trainer

K9 Development Centre was founded by Natalie, somebody who has always been surrounded by and absolutely adores animals. Natalie has always had a true passion for them, however it was her most recent rescue dog Kimba that set her on a new and exciting path that was to be the birth of K9DC.


Kimba (German Shepherd), had a number of problems with her behaviour due to her previous upbringing and lack of exposure that Natalie realised required professional help. Being a student and not having the knowledge needed at the time, she called upon numerous trainers & behaviourists for help with the problems at hand. Natalie found that all these trainers had one thing in common: they were unable to help. Not wanting to give up on her companion, she contacted and worked alongside an acquaintance that unknowingly worked with and helped dogs who others couldn't. 


Ever since Natalie has been working with dogs every day and has developed a vast knowledge on dog psychology and behaviour modification. Natalie has attended a variety of courses and seminars, however has learnt the most from working with and observing the dogs themselves each and every day.

Natalie specialises in training nervous and reactive dogs, as well as having excellent results with puppies, adolescents and rescue dogs.


"Every single dog I meet teaches me something new, and for that I thank and owe this pleasure to all of them. Without the entire experience with Kimba, no matter how challenging it was at times, I wouldn't change it for the world as it has lead me to transforming and developing the lives of other dogs too, spending every day doing something I absolutely adore with the most amazing animals in the world."

Our Team

Our dream team understand that your pets are part of your family and give them the same care and attention that they provide for their own.


Assistant Manager &


Chloe and her gorgeous Labrador Retriever Eider joined us in 2019. 


Chloe currently specialises in training key life skills, such as a solid stay, loose lead walking and a solid recall. She has achieved incredible results with a variety of breeds, even those who are previous offenders of ignoring a recall & pulling like a stream train!

Chloe also has experience training puppies, adolescent dogs and rescues too.


Trainer & Day Care Assistant

Hannah (who joins us with Hallie, a beautiful female Show Cocker) has been walking, caring for and training dogs for over 3 years.


Hannah has experience assisting with puppy classes and putting together training plans for rescue dogs.

Hannah currently specialises in working with puppies & the nervous dogs in our care. She has achieved incredible results with her patience, consistency and unconditional love for dogs.


Trainer & Day Care Assistant

Anna has been working in the dog care industry for over 4 years. She joins us with her handsome rescue Woody, a Sprocker.

Anna holds a diploma in Animal Management and has also attended and completed courses in Canine Handling & Body Language.


Already Anna has helped with implementing numerous dog's training plans and absolutely loves teaching obedience. Anna's current focus currently lies with adolescent dogs and their focus in public.

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Trainer & Day Care Assistant

Katie has been with K9DC since the very beginning. She has an uncontrollable love for Pointers & Vizlas in particular, working wonders with many in our care.

Katie has carried out multiple courses with the IMDT and is also a fully qualified dog groomer.

Currently Katie specialises in training key life skills, working on puppy plans and managing adolescent stages.


Trainee Trainer & Day Care Assistant

Charlotte is one of the newest member of the K9DC family! She shares her home with Bob (Border Collie) & Squeak (Jack Russell).

Since joining us Charlotte has been working alongside our trainers to further improve her knowledge in both animal training & behaviour.

Charlotte has worked closely with multiple dogs now, focusing on improving

engagement, recall, loose lead walking & settle training.



Kim joined us last year following on from a Trainee Dog Trainer position. She lives with her two gorgeous dogs 

Jess & Angus.

At present Kim is working towards an IMDT membership and has previous experience in conducting both Behaviour Modification & Training programmes.

Kim specialises in reactivity, improving overall engagement and key life skills.

Becca joined us most recently and has settled in with the team as well as the dogs fantastically. She lives with Henry (British x American Bulldog) and Buzz (Terrier). 

One of the things that the dogs love most about Becca is her passion for exploring & finding new routes from the Centre!


The dogs always come back wearing huge smiles after the physical & mental fulfilment her wonderful walks provide.


Day Care Assistant